Thursday, November 8, 2007

Avalanche Acquire Bacashihua for 7th-Round Pick

In a surprise move, the Avalanche have acquired Jason Bacashihua from the St. Louis Blues for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2008.

It's surprising for a couple reasons. The goaltending duo so far has been doing all right and Tyler Weiman was showing promise as the goaltender of the future for the Avs. At this point though, I believe it's mainly a depth move and, for the price, a bit of a steal actually.

He's already headed down to Lake Erie which is likely where he'll stay this year. There is a good chance that Michael Wall is headed down to the ECHL as he's been playing very poorly for the Monsters.

Looking at Bacashihua's stats - and incredibly bizarre lastname - you'll notice he's basically been a minor-leaguer posting up average yet unspectacular numbers. He's been touted as having the ability to be a #1 but has yet to realize that potential.

At only 25, he's still got a couple years to prove his abilities. But he's getting awfully close to the "bust" point in his career.

There is the possibility that this is setting up another trade and FG wanted to bring in a backup with NHL experience. Possibly. Not probably. Not anywhere near probably in my mind.

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Mike Thompson said...

I watched Bacs a little last year with the Blues. He got some opportunities when Legace went down with his yearly leg injury. Not bad, flashes of being solid. He could definately hold a #1 job with about a dozen clubs if he got just a little more consistent. And really, a 7th rounder for a depth goalie that will help the developing Weiman? Sounds good to me...

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, he seems to have pretty good reflexes but lacks solid, consistent positional play.

But I'm more than willing to give up a 7th-rounder, conditional at that, for this guy.

If I recall correctly, I read a stat at some point this year that 0.5% of 7th-rounders ended up becoming anything in the NHL.