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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vaananen Signs in Sweden

Ossi Vaananen has signed in Sweden with Djurgarden. I couldn't see any contract details on that site but I might not know it if I did!

I'm a bit surprised that Ossi couldn't find a home somewhere in the NHL. He wasn't a terrible defenseman by any means. I figured a club looking to round out their top-6 might snag him but maybe Ossi prefers being in Sweden and getting more ice-time per game.

Update: It sounds like Ossi did get a few offers from NHL clubs but decided to turn them down. I would guess it's a combination of money and proximity to his hometown of Vantaa, Finland. The Swedish Elite League is still an excellent hockey league and I hope Vaananen does well with them.


Draft Dodger said...

perhaps the allure of playing alongside greats like Jiri Marusak and Edvin Frylen was just too great?

seriously, I don't know how long he plans to stay in Sweden, but I could see him coming back to the NHL some day. So many times he seemed really close to putting it all together, but couldn't quite get it done.

Shane Giroux said...

From what I understand about that league, Djurgarden is one of the better teams. So maybe missing the playoffs hit Ossi the hardest and he didn't want to end up on a non-contending team ;)

Yeah, he'll most likely find his way back at some point. Like you said, he seemed just about to crest the hill time and time again but never quite made it.