Monday, May 10, 2010

Is this Kroenke's move?

By now, I assume most Avalanche fans have heard that Stan Kroenke is looking to complete his ownership of the St. Louis Rams. The problem is the pesky cross-ownership rules the NFL has in place would look to either prevent this from happening or force Kroenke to sell the Avalanche and Nuggets.

Many have speculated that he'll sell those teams to a family member which makes it A-OK. And makes the cross-ownership rule a bit farcical.

Well now the speculation is that he actually wants his wife to own the Rams.

Two thoughts come to mind.

First, it appears he has no intention of offloading the Avalanche and Nuggets. Good news.

Second, it appears that this is a fairly simple way of circumventing a rule. So simple that it seems hard to believe it would actually be allowed.

I'm no expert on ownership rules so I've mostly stayed out of commenting on this situation. But it appears a safe bet now that Kroenke will remain the owner of our beloved Avalanche.

Even if the official records state otherwise.