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Monday, October 18, 2010

Story of the day - The Stewart-Konopka Fight

Jeff Marek unearthed the full scoop behind the Chris Stewart vs Zenon Konopka fight and it's pure gold.

Dig in and enjoy the exact type of reporting that we need more of in sports.


Goffeclese said...

That was a good fight, too! Stewart more than held his own. Even thought that he would have won a split decision there.

Shane Giroux said...

Hell yeah. Stewie showed up that night to score goals and kick some ass. Looked like he was all out of goals.

I'm probably going to use that line again in a recap down the road ;)

From the Point said...

Nice find! Stewart is a serious force in this league. All fighters have to take him seriously now and his scoring ability is there as well. What great all around player. Yes, I have a man-crush.

Shane Giroux said...

I don't see how anybody couldn't have a man-crush on Stewart at this point :)

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