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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Avalanche 3 - Canucks 4; Injury Edition

Short thoughts from me to close out the game:

Johnny Liles with the NHL record! 9 straight games with an assist to open the season as a defenseman and he's now in the record books. Time to trade him while his stock is high. EDIT: I really simplified that record first time out, now corrected.

What in the blue hell was Jonas Holos doing driving the puck towards his own net on the game-winning play? I've been loving what Holos has brought to the team but that was a dandy. Oh well, call yourself an idiot, shake it off and don't do it again.

Does Manny Malhotra have a gold tooth?

How about the Duke defying age and his gimpy knee? He's still got silky smooth hands. And he's a pretty good stickhandler too... Too much? Yeah, moving on.

Conversely that Duchene kid hasn't brought anything this year and I'm surprised he hasn't been sent to the AHL yet.

Daniel Winnik continues to be the best free agent signing of the year with his hard working play. He got rewarded with a goal tonight and 18+ minutes of ice time. Well done, sir.

Where's Brandon Yip?

How about those injuries and close calls tonight? Liles gets cranked from behind , Stastny ate an elbow to the face and David Jones did something to his leg/knee/foot. All of them returned to the game but there was a lot of breath being held until they did.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. What was it? Oh that's right...ohmygodIhopeAndydidn'tblowouthiskneeduringwarmup!

Dater posted the injury video (embedded below) and it looked odd. It looked more like a tweak than a blown knee but let's wait until tomorrow before we start speculating, pontificating and prognosticating on how bad it is and what it means to the team. Or freak out now. Dealer's choice, really.

Budaj played a solid game tonight and it looks like he might be needed for a couple more upcoming starts. I think the updated hairdo is providing a solid aura for him so I'm not concerned if he has to fill in for a bit.

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Jaye said...

I was there, that game physically hurt myself and the 6 other Avs fans in attendance. I'd much rather we have lost 14-12 (which should have been the actual score) then blow it in OT. Mad props to the boys for staying in it. Our downlow play was much improved, and look! We out shot them! Here's hoping andy is alright

Goffeclese said...

Good game, couple bad goals against, including the game winner, but not bad, all in all. What a pass by Hejduk! And bad news on Andy, thus far. Yahoo sports has him as out indefinitely. Scary stuff!

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, tough one to see live I'm sure. Sounds like Andy should be all right. If no surgery is needed, then it shouldn't be a tear of any kind.

That game winner was rough but you're right, Hejduk was looking great out there.

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