Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paul Stastny on NHL Home Ice

I stumbled across NHL Home Ice blogs today and saw that they recently chatted with Paul Stastny during USA's Olympic orientation camp. I haven't listened to it yet, but I'll assume it's awesome b/c it's Stastny.

The link I gave goes directly to Stastny's interview which cuts out the rest of the site since they made the most excellent decision to frame their site. Sigh...

Check out the rest of their blog at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's the Avalanche Song?

It's interesting how well music can jog a memory. Whenever I hear Back in Black come on the stereo, my mind drifts back to a volleyball season back in 1997. We were unbeatable and every match, we headed out to warm up with AC/DC cranked up to 11. My memories of that season seem to be forever tied to that song.

I was heading to volleyball this evening and Journey came on over the ol' iPod (who am I kidding, I made it come on) and that jogged a memory. Does everybody remember when Don't Stop Believing would come on over the speakers at the Joe Louise arena and the whole crowd would join in, believing they were headed to another Stanley Cup? Such a fairy tale ending, eh?

But nonetheless, I'll admit to being a little jealous and thinking to myself "When was the last time the Pepsi Center lit up like that?" Obviously, fielding a Stanley Cup caliber team goes a long way to igniting the fans but a good song is that cherry on top that finalizes the sundae.

So as we all sit and lick our lips at the prospect of Stastny-Duchene up the middle, leading the Avalanche back to the promised land, it's got me wondering - hoping - that along the way a song for the Avalanche might be found.

And not just some generic sound that people can yell "Hey!" to at the right moment. I'm talking a real song with lyrics that people can identify with, sing along to and use to rally the team and show their support.

Does anybody have one in mind or should we put our hopes on the Avalanche sound guy finding the right fit somewhere down the line?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My how time flies

It's been a month and a day since I last blogged. And it only took two words to kill my spirit.

Ok, that's a lie. Joe Sakic retiring didn't kill my spirit - though it sure didn't pump me up - but what has really kept me away from blogging the last few months is that I was cooked. No bones about it, I needed a break and blogging was the easiest to step away from for a while.

And while I'm not back quite yet, the spirit is returning. It's partially been fueled by my coverage of Team Canada's development camp here in Saskatoon and partially because the rest of the Avalanche bloggers keep churning out content in a dreary offseason while I sit stagnant.

But I've been twitting (yes, I twit, not tweet) and blogging the Team Canada practices as well as the Red-White game last night and watching the Avalanche prospects in action warmed the cockles of my heart.

Kelsey Tessier banked an assist while Ryan O'Reilly had a goal and an assist and was the player of the game. Matt Duchene was held off the scoreboard but he is one smooth skater and stick handler and managed the only goal in the shootout tonight. Cameron Gaunce did his job perfectly and never made a mistake that I noticed.

Tessier has been the surprise of the camp for me. I knew nothing about him coming in other than being drafted by the Avalanche but once I watched him practice and play, he really grew on me.

He's not the biggest guy on the ice but he's fast, fearless and has some good hands. Every shift he's on the ice, the puck finds him at some point and he makes something happen. It could be something small or big, but nonetheless he's working hard every time he's out there. He won't be in the NHL this coming season so I think he's got a really good shot at landing on this squad in a 3rd-line role.

And there's nothing like seeing four of your team's prospects shooting for a spot on a stacked Canadian squad to get you excited about the future.

But before I talk too much about the future, I've got to slay my white whale: the "farewell Joe" post. I fear that by now, I won't have anything to say that would live up to the lead-in time I've given it.

I'll still give it a shot, but let's lower our expectations about 20% before I get it out.

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