Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roy Out, Sakic Too?

By now, I'm sure you're all aware that Patrick Roy confirmed Pierre Lacroix's head coaching job offer by turning it down. It was a hail mary pass that was not caught and one has to wonder why Lacroix tossed it so early.

One other fact we all know, which this sideshow distracted us from, is that Joe Sakic is once again on the brink of retirement. He won't announce his intentions to the public until after the Stanley Cup has been awarded, but has he already told Lacroix?

Because if Lacroix knows Joe is going to retire, he knows the franchise face is gone. And if the franchise face is gone, myriad questions pop up including "How are we going to sell season tickets?"

Cue St. Patrick.

But he didn't answer the call.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dean Lombardi Speaks to Fans on Kings Website

Los Angeles Kings President and General Manager Dean Lombardi has an article up on the official LA Kings site.

It's well written and well reasoned. An impassioned plea for fans to stick by them through the rebuilding process while reiterating that he will not falter and go for a quick fix.

It was refreshing to read and it should be mandatory for every clubs GM to put up a post like this to the fans at least once a year.

Glove tap to Kukla's Korner.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bob Boughner as Assistant Coach?

If we're going to see Patrick Roy behind the bench after a short stint in QMJHL where he won a Memorial Cup with the Quebec Remparts, why not up the ante and bring back Bob Boughner, who just won the Memorial Cup as head coach of the upstart Windsor Spitfires, as one of his assistants?

Or is Boughner not a big enough name to put butts back in the seats, which we can safely assume is a key factor with the possible Roy hire.

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Patrick Roy as Coach and GM?

If the reports are true and Pierre Lacroix offered Patrick Roy the coach and GM roles with the Avalanche, then Lacroix has lost his friggin' mind. The dual role may work in the WHL, but I don't think it's sustainable long-term in the NHL these days.

If it's a ploy to sweeten the deal and keep Roy away from Montreal, then it's a bad one. Unless Lacroix's genius vision is to put Roy in as GM in a figurehead role and let people like Craig Billington et. al. do all the work. Once again, I come back to the whole "lost his friggin' mind" thought.

I spent most of my Sunday reading Batman comics - what? - and sleeping, so I missed this one until Elpou fired me an email which I got this morning. If anyone even has any articles or opinions to send my way, feel free to contact me via email, comments or telegraph.

And I swear, at some point I'll come out of hibernation and write more than once a week.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Report: Patrick Roy Mulling Head Coach Offer with Avalanche

According to Adrian Dater's sources, Patrick Roy has been offered the non-vacant head coaching position with the Colorado Avalanche and is mulling it over. Darren Dreger even goes so far as to say it's not only a coaching position but a "coach plus" position, with other management duties.

UPDATE: AD reports via his blog that Roy is denying he's been offered anything. Does "offered" have the same connotations as "handed"? Maybe not in a PR world.

When they hired Tony Granato last offseason, I was not happy. Primarily due to the Avs not interviewing any other candidates, but I was more unhappy with the fact that it was Tony Granato who I've just never felt gave out the head coaching vibe.

This season, it's the same story, but different. Pierre Lacroix is assuming the GM role after ousting Francois Giguere, while the head coach from last year still believes he is the head coach. And I'm guessing this wasn't a pleasant story for TG to wake up to.

A move like this can indicate a few things, not all of them being mutually exclusive:

  1. Lacroix intends to retain the GM role;
  2. Lacroix has already narrowed his choices for the next GM to ones he knows would be happy with Patrick behind the bench;
  3. Lacroix is sending a message to whoever may be the next GM;
  4. Granato is aware of the whole situation and is again a willing participant to step down as head coach;
  5. Kroenke is sweating season ticket renewals, knew Lacroix hadn't decided on a GM and impatiently told him to make the move;
  6. Pickles are tangy
I'm not entirely against Roy coming back as the head coach of the Avs, but I wonder again about the methodology of choosing new front office and coaching personnel without interviewing outside candidates. Promotion from within is great as a business, as long as you don't close the door to fresh mindsets.

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Friday, May 8, 2009


I was on campus at the University of Saskatchewan all morning convincing high school kids that technology - and teh Interweb - is awesome. Then I did a quick radio spot on CBC radio, came back to the office and delved into some internal projects. In other words, it was a productive Friday. And then a co-worker sent me an email that said "Roy?" with a link to TSN's story.

Of course, I spent about five minutes giggling to myself and saying Roy's name with a high-pitched intonation. You know, karate style.

Once that was done, I figured I should check out the article. They claim that the DP reported Patrick Roy was in town to interview with Pierre Lacroix for a position with the team. "Holy crap!", I thought to myself.

So I strolled over to the DP site and checked out Dater's story. Sure enough, he says that Roy was in town, meeting with Lacroix about a possible position with the team. And Roy himself was quoted as saying he wanted to coach, not "shuffle papers".

Should Tony Granato be worried? He's used to being demoted, right? He'll take it in stride again, I'm sure. Then again, being demoted for a junior league coach is a bit different than bringing in a long-time NHL coach like Joel Quenneville. The Avs might want to have a grief counselor - and security guard - on hand for that one.

Of course, that's if Roy was in town for an interview regarding a position with the team. Maybe he just stopped by to say "Hi". All the way from Quebec. For less than 24 hours.

Last summer, I put up a poll asking if Roy would be the right choice to coach the Avalanche. It was a non-overwhelming "Yes". Here we are again, one year later. I've put the poll up again so let's see what you have to say.

No comment
Jacques Martineau, the head of Media Relations had no comment but did confirm that Roy was in town. Why do they even have a media relations guy if he only tells us what we already know and says "No comment" to any follow-up questions?

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