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Monday, November 9, 2009

The gloves are coming off

David Staples over at The Cult of Hockey just threw down with Adrian Dater, bashing the Avalanche along the way.

AD twitted - from a sick bed, not from the press box - the following:
"Can't win 'em all at home. A shame the Avs had to finally lose to a dog team like Edmonton at home, though."

To say Edmonton is a dog team is a little harsh. The Avalanche didn't play horrible but they were certainly beat by the better team last night. If they lost to Minnesota, then yes that would be losing to a dog team. But nonetheless, Staples took offense as if Dater had fired a "Yo momma" shot across the bow.

Amidst a flury of knocks against the Avs and their fans, he decided to take a shot at the city itself:
"Denver is a great city. It's America's version of Calgary."

A guy from Edmonton knocking on Calgary? Seriously?

Thanks to Kukla as usual for digging this stuff up.


Jibblescribbits said...

A guy from Edmonton knocking on Denver.

If Denver is the US's version of Calgary, then Edmonton is Canada's version of Spokane, WA.

and he's right about attendance, since Edmonton always sold out their arena, especially between '92 and '96

Jibblescribbits said...

(there's a link you can't see on the '92 to '96 part above.)

horbayj said...

whoooa there jib...we're not that bad...

Stephen said...

Could anything be more unlikely? Can anyone imagine a team rejecting a player who can contribute because he is French? - well unless he is such a drama queen that on-one wants him in "the room"... The only thing that is consistent here is the French Canadian penchant for playing the language card whenever possible. How many English speaking kids were great junior players but never made it? Quelle

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