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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joe Sakic Jersey Retirement Ceremony; Live on

We're less than an hour away from Joe Sakic's jersey retirement and doesn't it just feel so...mop? (Sorry, Scrubs reference)

I'm not really sad though, to be honest. I've come to terms with Sakic not being on the ice for the Avalanche ever again. But I'm excited to see how they honor what is undoubtedly one of the legends of the game. Will there be a long video montage? Will Ray Bourque make a surprise appearance? What will his former teammates say about him (if anything)?

That being said, it could just be me trying to "be a guy" about the situation. Once the ceremony starts, I could go fetal. And that's what is so exciting about it!

Online Viewing
The ceremony will be picked up live on which I think is a smart move on their part. Everybody will want to see this, Avs fan or not and with the back-to-back games on Versus, it's unlikely the feed would switch over before the previous game is done. So thank you, NHL, for realizing what the Internet is meant to do.

Online Archive

The video is now up at I've embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.


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