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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colorado Avalanche Roster Updates

The Avalanche announced a slew of signings over the weekend. David Jones, Darren Haydar, Chris Durno, Matt Hendricks, Brian Willsie and Saskatoon native Tyler Weiman are all back with the franchise.

AD has scooped us up the contract numbers for David Jones. The rest should be minimal value and are likely headed to Lake Erie anyways.

I've updated the Google Spreadsheet with Jones' contract - which wasn't far off from my estimate - and I also removed Sakic's contract but left his name in. Why? Because he's not part of the team (yet), his numbers shouldn't be counted.

Duchene is still on the squad as people seem adamant to keep putting him in there. However, I'm going to keep his cap hit at the maximum salary an entry-level player can sign. He will have a bonus-laden contract for sure, but those bonuses don't need to count against the cap this year. The reason last season's values counted against the cap was because the NHLPA had the option of not renewing the CBA for this season. But they did renew so again, the cap hit for bonuses can be deferred to next season.

I left seven D on the squad but it's looking like one or more of them are moving out by the end of the week. I hope we don't see Hannan tossed out simply because he has the highest salary among the D.

As always, feel free to correct any errors or omissions in the sheet, open it up and make the change.*

*But as mentioned, Duchene should stay at an entry level salary. It's already a compromise to leave him on the sheet, which is a bit premature in itself :)


christeen said...

so with sakic gone now there is the 6 million to spend, who is left one player that comes to mind is tanguay because looking at the offense we cant score, and the defense some players tsk tsk overpaid such as clark and hannan should be moved. I know that they are rebuilding but come on are you going to play the thrashers card especially in denver i cant imagine that, the avalanche have always been a team about winning not rebuilding.

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