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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smyth Breaks His Hand

Ryan Smyth has a broken hand and is out for the season.

The final pockmark on this wreck of a season will be if Joe Sakic doesn't suit up and then retires in the off season.



Alaina said...

He won't be back... it's sad but true.

texacogirl said...

Shane, this is really a season that has challenged my fandom of the Avs, though not my fandom of hockey. With Sakic potentially not suiting up for the last games of the season I'm truly torn. I've made the last game of the season for a couple years now and even though I can get half priced tickets, I'm honestly torn on whether to spend the money or just let the season go. *Sigh. Last season I was chanting how we were going to kick the Mild out of the playoffs, which we did, and this season end...

Shane Giroux said...

tg, I hear ya.

At the Blades game Wednesday, I was just dying for something to cheer for. Cause I've got nothing on the NHL side of things these days. Even the Blues beating the Wings tonight did nothing for me.

I'm still holding out hope that Joe will strap on the skates for the final game, even if he's not 100%. Simply b/c I don't think he wants to go out without a final lap in front of the fans.

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