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Monday, April 13, 2009

The night before the draft lottery

'Tis draft lottery eve and all is quiet on the Western front.

After Francois Giguere was unceremoniously "relieved of his duties", there was a collective sigh of relief as we all leaned back in our armchairs. Finally, we could relax. The dreadful season is over, the GM is gone and management is pissed. Good, good and good.

And tomorrow we will find out which pick the Avs will get in the first round which brings the "good" total to four.

The odds are that the Avs will get the #3 or #4 slot which should mean either Matt Duchene or Evander Kane. But for some reason I'm not counting out Magnus Svenssen-Paajarvi. It could be the wickedly hard to spell - yet still awesome - name but I could see the Avs going off the board with this one.

I hate stats
The New York Islanders secured the "worst team in the league" moniker but they most certainly haven't secured the #1 slot.

Of the 14 times the draft lottery has happened, the worst team in the league has won the right to draft first a total of 6 times. Which if you do the math is pretty close to the advertised odds of 48%.

So it's still conceivable that the Avalanche could win the Tavares sweepstakes. And then they'll go and do something stupid like draft Ryan Ellis.

TV viewing goodness
The draft lottery will be televised live on TSN and Versus at 6:00pm MT. And while that's happening, CBC will be hosting a show that breaks down each playoff series and features Paul Kukla, Greg Wyhsynski and Tom Benjamin.

Thank goodness for dual-tuner PVRs. Otherwise I'd have to do something like exercise or read or talk to someone.

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