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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've Arrived and I'm Already Sad and Ranty

I'm here in Denver after a long day of flying. And barely 4 hours in to my stay here, my heart has been broken. AD just broke the news that Joe Sakic will not be suiting up this weekend.

I took a gamble but it didn't pay off. Still, no regrets. I'll be meeting Jay, Dario and possibly Adam on Sunday and will have a full day tomorrow to take in Denver so it's still going to be good. And Lappy's 1000th game will be Sunday and the guy deserves all the adoration the fans can give him.

On an interesting side note - and this may be part of a larger offseason post - but a buddy I work with tried working a few connections to get me some backstage access at one of the weekend games. It was soundly denied by the team due to their awesome team policy of not talking to their fans. Though they appreciate my "passionate following of the team", they weren't willing to take a minute to listen to one. Or even give a pre-game tour to someone who just dropped a couple grand to watch the team during one of the worst season's in franchise history.

Now, I don't want to get on the soapbox too deep here but I'll quickly say this. If they said "Sorry, we're really busy and this is too short of notice", I would have understood. But that they pass it off as their team policy, it gets my knickers in a bit of a twist. Not because I think I'm owed anything, but because of the overall attitude of the organization towards the fans. It's a new era. An era of openness that organizations like the Washington Capitals are charging into with open arms. I have my doubts on the Avs ever truly uncrossing theirs.

But I will soldier on and see if I can somehow manage to get a meet and great with Mr. Sakic himself. He'll be in street clothes which should make it a bit easier. If I can convince them to let him know that a Swift Current Bronco fan is in town and would love nothing more than to say "Hi, Mr. Sakic" and get a quick autograph, I think Joe would be willing to accommodate that. Whether he'll be allowed to is a different story.

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texacogirl said...

The best way to try and catch Sakic (as far as I know) is practice at the Family Sports Center tomorrow at like 9am. A lot of the players stop after practice to sign stuff and meet fans. I will be at the game Sunday section 144 row 14. Brooklyn's before or after? It's right across from The Can.

AvsHockeyPodcast said...

"Sad and ranty" Isn't that the best way to describe this season?

Gotta an email to get to you shortly. We're all set. Glad you're here. Did your bag finally make it as well? I agree with your tweet, 90 minutes is really pushing it as far as time goes with that transfer. ;)

Talk to you soon!

Shane Giroux said...

texacogirl, Brooklyn's after the game sounds good to me. We can grab some supper, bemoan the terrible season and armchair GM how the offseason should go!

texacogirl said...

Shane, sounds good to me. I'll be with my sister (blonde in a Hejduk jersey) and I'll be in my Budaj jersey. If you look like the pic posted here, I'll find you :)

Shane Giroux said...

You bet. Well, I won't be wearing a suit of course ;) I'll be in my old school uncustomized Avs jersey with a sweet Nordiques hat on. Looking forward to meeting you!

adam said...

shane, been reading your blog for a while now, its great. anyway, I live in Lethbridge, Alberta and drove to Denver for the season opener this year (loong drive!) somehow while I was there my mother contacted someone from the organization explained my long trip and the next day i got a call on my cellphone from someone at the Pepsi centre, while i could not meet the team i was given 4 free tix to see the nuggets and a pennant signed by the entire Avalanche roster. I was friggin stoked. needless to say it was somthing they didnt have to do, but they did and it made my trip. p.s second drive to Denver and the lost both times!

Jibblescribbits said...

Hopoe you're enjoying the game, and denver.

somebody said...


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