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Monday, March 2, 2009

Avalanche Fall to Islanders, Lose 4-2

The New York Islanders, the worst team in the league, outplayed the Colorado Avalanche tonight. And by what I felt was a large margin. So what does that make the Avalanche? Don't answer.

Jon Sim? First three-goal game of his career. Jesse Joensuu? First goal of his career. Shane Giroux? First embolism of his life.

What does this team need for motivation? Heading into this game they had lost four in a row and looked abysmal while doing so. Coach Granato runs the team through a hard practice, Ryan Smyth calls the current situation misery and...nothing. No spark.

The only bright spot is that this could be enough to make Giguere wake up and realize that he can't simply write this season off due to injuries. Joe Sakic is the only regular still riding the pine and the team continues to look utterly confused on the ice.

There were times where Cody Mcleod - playing as a winger - was behind the Avalanche goal chasing an Islanders forward. Now, this might be some newfangled approach to defense that I've never heard of, but when was the last time a defensive coach told his wingers "Yeah, go deep in the zone. Don't worry about covering the point or helping us break out of the zone. Fuck it, we're trying something new!"

My TV is shuddering in a corner after the expletives I treated it too tonight.

But congrats to Ryan Smyth on sticking it to the boo-birds with a two-goal night. Suck it, NY. He's our slightly overpriced forward.

The Kings, Coyotes and Avalanche are the three official "sell! sell! sell!" teams in the West to go along with the Senators, Lightning, Thrashers and Islanders in the East. Seven teams selling, 23 teams buying. I like those odds.

Deals will go down on Wednesday and while I still fully expect Ryan Smyth to stick around, I'm getting nervous about Ian Laperriere. I really hope Lappy is here after the 3:00pm ET bell on Wednesday and I hope Giguere gives him the two years he's looking for quick, fast and in a hurry.

But hey, who needs leadership when you've got competent coaching, right?


horbayj said...

If Giguere forgets to take his meds and decides to foolishly trade lappy to the wings, as some have suggested, I said it here first, I will not watch another hockey game this season.

As Jim Matheson said in the Journal the other day "they would take a dressing room fridge for tyler arnason" truer words were never spoken

AvsHockeyPodcast said...

Shane...Good stuff man. Just being down Sakic and seeing the junk they've produced lately is really discouraging. I don't even know where to start with the issues with the team and the organization.

And horbayj and Shane...I'm with you on the Lappy points. He may be the one of the only things that hasn't been wrong with this team so there's absolutely no need to move him for what he's asking. It's not like there's no cap space to pay him a more. I've got my fingers crossed that the organization realizes this. We will see though. I'm going to be really unhappy if Lappy is gone too. I'll still
watch, but I won't be happy for sure.

poop*ghost said...

Yeah, I don't even know where to start. So many things are going wrong - and you can feel the confidence just draining out of the play.

Lappy is the guts of the team. I can't imagine seeing him go.

Re: Arnason for a fridge trade... I'd take one of those tiny little dorm style fridges.

Would anybody take that guy?

Anonymous said...

im happy for lappy!! but gonna miss leopold, hope these new guys deliver the goods!

somebody said...


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