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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Undo! Undo!

I'm half-heartedly watching the All-Star Skills Competitions/Youngstars Game while catching up on my RSS and email.

I have a Google Alert set for "colorado avalanche" and frankly I hardly read them anymore.

It's not that the service is terrible, but there's only so much information I can take in on one topic and I take in a lot of Avalanche - and hockey - information every day.

I don't flat out delete them without skimming first though because every now and again, a gem might come through.

So I opened up the one I had left in my inbox and immediately hit Delete.

But not before my eyes caught the headline of: "Bettman: Avalanche franchise sold"

I quickly yelled "Undo! Undo!" at my computer.

Then I remembered my computer doesn't do voice commands so I clicked the Undo link.

And thankfully it was just a mild case of dyslexia as the actual headline was: "Bettman: Avalanche franchise solid"

But didn't we all know that?

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Angélique C. Murray (Jori) said...

Not charging the second highest ticket prices in the league might help.

Connie said...

No worries, we all talk to our electronics. How else can we get our aggressions out?

Bob in Boulder said...

What Jori said. Still wish I could find an official link for real average ticket prices as opposed to the garbage that the NHL allows teams to release. I'm wondering if the 1/3 empty barns I've been seeing lately may drive the prices down next season?

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, that fan cost index is about as garbage as it gets.

You would hope ownership realizes they need to to do something to bring fans back.

It starts with icing a winning team but making games more accessible will also go a long way to putting butts in the seats.

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