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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Avalanche vs Lightning, Game 23 Preview

I really don't know how to explain it, but I've got a good feeling about tonight's game.

Joe Sakic is out, Adam Foote is on the IR, Raycroft is in goal and yet here I sit, optimistic.

Maybe it's the country air reinvigorating me. Or maybe it was that hit I took earlier (kidding). Or maybe, just maybe, my subconscious is protecting me from an awful truth.

No matter the reason, I'm willing to accept it.

I'm not about to have a beautiful late November day ruined by fretting over whether the Avalanche will actually show up tonight.

I'm not going to care that the nagging doubts I had deep down inside me to start this season are saying "I told you so!"

I'm going to forget that the Avalanche are barely better than Dallas right now.

Or that the offense can't find the back of the net.

And who gives a crap that clearing the puck is near non-existent skill on the team.

And so what if the coach seems to think the team is playing well when they obviously aren't. Big frikkin' deal.

Whoopty-friggin-do that this team looks like the worst Avalanche squad in history.

Shit, see what happens when I start writing?

Cognitive dissonance slowly dissolves away and I'm left exasperated and hoping that Francois Giguere is not dense enough to think that the only reason this team is struggling is due to Sakic being injured.

Anyways, the puck drops at 9:00 ET. But if a puck drops on the ice and nobody gives a crap, does it make a sound?

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