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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Avalanche Stomped by Ducks, Lose 4-1


I set the game to record as I was going to be away for the first period. When I came back and spotted the 2-0 score on NHL.com, I decided to save a bit of my sanity and not watch the first period.

The second period started and I completely spaced out about five minutes in. I was more interested in watching my fingernails grow.  At one point I heard a *ping* and noticed the Ducks had scored again to make it 3-0.

During the intermission I was upstairs explaining to my mom why I would not be watching Twilight even though I'm a fan of vampire-related literature/movies. I then went on a long, snooty diatribe about the quality of some of these latest literary hits like the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series and the whole Dan Brown fiasco.  

After wrapping things up with a discussion on why A Song of Ice and Fire is one of the - if not the - greatest series in modern literature, I decided to see if the Avs could respond to a three goal deficit.

The answer? No.

Sure they got the early goal they needed and managed to fire off 12 shots in the period but did they ever appear hungry or dangerous? Rather than fighting like a wounded cheetah cornered by a tiger, they looked like a three-toed sloth with a papercut. Which of course raises the question: Can a three-toed slot get a paper cut?

Things are looking mighty grim at the moment and I'm getting mighty tired of saying "Things need to change." I'm all out of energy. This must be what it feels like to play for the Avs right now.

And though I'm all out of emotion I will be putting together another piece for Illegal Curve's "State of the Northwest Division" feature tomorrow. I could sum things up with one word. It starts with "F".  It ends with "ck". And just one of u and me is in the middle. But I won't.

Darcy Tucker was helped off the ice early in the third period due to a knee injury after colliding with Brendan Morrison.

Peter Budaj needs a rest after some valiant work for the team.

Wojtek Wolski sat out the game hopefully just for precautionary reasons.

Why do no defenders look behind them when defending the slot?

Just four shots in the second period? Four? You were down 2-0 and you couldn't find the energy to get off at least a half dozen shots?

The Da Vinci Code was trite and formulaic. And made Dan Brown a bazillionaire.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Shane. Very nice. You deserve that massage.

Ryan said...

I'm disgusted.... It's time for a new coach...

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