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Monday, September 22, 2008

Avalanche Burgundy/White 2008/09 Game Results

In an unexpected twist, Team White trounced Team Burgundy in the Avalanche's annual Burgundy/White game. Team Burgundy essentially had the Avs entire 07/08 defensive squad on its side plus incumbent #1 Peter Budaj plus Joe Sakic yet they still got lit up for 9 goals. And they couldn't put a single puck past soon-to-be new whipping boy, Andrew Raycroft.

I expect that kind of performance from Jason Bacashihua but not Raycroft. Could this be the start of the career resurrection everyone's been waiting for? I think so.

It seems clear what the Avalanche need to do here. First, trade Sakic and Budaj for picks. It doesn't matter what picks, just stockpile them. Then ice a squad of rookies - clearly superior rookies - and build from the draft. Then "Cash" will back up Raycroft while Weiman waits in the wings. Seriously, I only added that last sentence for the alliteration at the end.

Ol' Davey Jones got on the board with a hat trick which keeps in line with Jori's comments that he might have found his scoring touch this offseason. The guy is a cult hero in the making. Last season he got close to cult status but every time he was at the peak, he got a bit gunshy and stepped away from the ledge. This year, it's cult hero or bust.

Jordan Leopold and Milan Hejduk each had 2 goals and 2 assists which, if you ask me, signals they are headed for 300+ point seasons this year. You heard it here first.

Ok, I'm tired and in a weird mood so off to bed. Don't forget, the preseason starts for the Avalanche on Wednesday against the Los Angeles Kings. Time for some revenge against Jack Johnson. Vendetta! Vendetta!

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