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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Avalanche Sign Ryan Smyth

Ryan Smyth signed with the Colorado Avalanche today to a 5-year, 31.25 million dollar contract. This is obviously a huge signing for the Avalanche as I think everyone can agree that Ryan Smyth is one of the grittiest players in the league. Although I've had issues with his style of play in the past, his hard work far outweighs the few brain cramps he has had. It will also fill out one of the revolving door LW spots on the 1st or 2nd lines for the Avalanche.

Last season, Wolski tended to be on LW most of the time with Sakic and Brunette while the LW spot on the Stastny-Hejduk line was filled by Brett McLean towards the end of the season and many others throughout the first 2/3 of the season. I can see Wolski picking up his play and sticking on the 1st line. And it appears that is what Q desires as he was fairly lenient with leaving Wolski on that line. Which would leave Smyth playing with Stastny and Hejduk on the "2nd" line. Would that not be be one of the most potent combos of offensive and defensive ability on any line in the NHL? And I answer myself...yes. Hell yes.

The other reason this is huge is that he is a possible guy to take over if Joe Sakic ever does the unthinkable (you know, that thing which shall not be spoken of). He has shown the ability to lead a team in the past both with Team Canada and Edmonton. Let's be honest, he was the true leader of the Oilers over the last couple years. If someone can name me a game where they recall saying "Boy, what is wrong with Smyth? He's just not trying tonight.", then I'll give you a cookie. With chocolate chips and peanuts. And raisins if you desire.

EDIT: In another tidbit to add to this, Smyth signed for less money to play in Colorado than he was offered by the Isles and Habs. Both teams were in the 6.5 per year range. Going to the US over Canada will likely save him more than enough in taxes to make up for it though (as Mr. McGuire noted as he got the inevitable last word in)


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for keeping us up-to-the-minute. Awesome.

Shane Giroux said...

No problem. It was tough to do as I was at a wedding but I managed to get it done with some help from a friend. I had the posts almost ready before heading to the wedding, then called in to get the terms of the deal added each time and that was that.

Now I have to change my password so they can't make any more posts or edits :P

Draft Dodger said...

July 1st was a GREAT day for the Colorado Avalanche!

Jibblescribbits said...

Good point about the taxes Shane, I didn't even think about that (I am sure FG reminded Smyth about that though).

And DD is right, July 1st was a great day for the Avs.

Mike Thompson said...

Like the Hannan signing, I think this signing perfectly fills a need. With the addition of both players, the Avs have gotten much grittier and should shed some of the soft and undersized knocks they heard last year. This is especially true on the blue line.

It appears the FG is following the previous successful blueprints for the Avs. A two-pronged scoring attack with interchangable defensive/offensive parts on the blue line. The only difference is that we presently don't have a HOF goalie between the pipes, but unless Budaj give Joey Q. reason to doubt him, maybe we finally have a opening day starter that will still have the job at the trade deadline.

Shane Giroux said...

A great day indeed. Not a great day for the GF as I gave her a pretty good shoulder shot when I got the text message about Smyth.

Mike, I couldn't agree more on the grit. I had to bite my tongue (fingers) to keep myself from using that word too many times.

From what I've seen so far, FG is an extremely competent GM. Hannan went for less than I expected (5M), Smyth for a bit less (6.5M), got out of Drury when the bidding went too high and used Sakic as a potent off-season weapon as well.

Thank you FG!

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